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In this section, find articles, essays, listicles on Indian feminist icons and history of the feminist movement in India and South Asia.

Dalit History Month

Writing Our Own Histories – Why We Need Dalit History Month

We need Dalit History Month to bring forth the stories of resistance, resilience & heroism of people who've been sidelined in academia.
Watch: The Life And Times Of Pandita Ramabaivideo

Watch: The Life And Times Of Pandita Ramabai

Pandita Ramabai played a significant role in making the country more progressive and egalitarian. Her remarkable critique of society has been erased from the mainstream history of India, as has been the case with so many other prominent women leaders of their times.
Shantabai Dhanaji Dani

Shantabai Dhanaji Dani: The Dalit Woman Leader Who Fought Against Caste

Shantabai Dhanaji Dani was one of the best known leaders of the Ambedkarite movement. She fought against caste discrimination all her life.
फीयरलेस नादिया: बॉलीवुड की पहली स्टंट वुमन

फीयरलेस नादिया: बॉलीवुड की पहली स्टंट वुमन

भारतीय सिनेमा में इस नए चलन की नींव साल 1930 में आस्ट्रेलिया मूल की भारतीय मैरी एन इवांस ने रखी, जो आगे चल कर ‘फीयरलेस नादिया’ के नाम से जानी गर्इं। यह थीं - भारत की पहली महिला स्टंटवूमन।
Bhakti Movement

The Bhakti Movement and Roots of Indian Feminism

The women of the Bhakti movement challenged Brahminical patriarchy through their songs, poems and ways of life.
Kamala Das

Kamala Das – The Mother Of Modern Indian English Poetry | #IndianWomenInHistory

Kamala Das was a Malayali and English writer, who wrote with unsettling honesty on love, sexuality, menstruation – a foremost feminist voice.
Rashid Jahan

Rashid Jahan: The Bad Girl Of Urdu Literature | #IndianWomenInHistory

Rashid Jahan was a doctor, a writer gravely engrossed in social issues, an avowed communist, and a pioneering activist invested in change.
Kalpana Chawla

Kalpana Chawla: The First Indian Woman In Space | #IndianWomenInHistory

Kalpana Chawla’s life trajectory knows no parallel, which makes her this century’s biggest trailblazer for Indian women in science.
Life Of Pandita Ramabai: Championing Women’s Education And Social Reform | #IndianWomenInHistory

Life Of Pandita Ramabai: Championing Women’s Education And Social Reform | #IndianWomenInHistory

Pandita Ramabai was a truly remarkable woman who pioneered women’s education and rebelliously championed for women’s rights and empowerment.
Silk Smitha

Silk Smitha: South India’s Ill-Fated Superstar | #IndianWomenInHistory

Silk Smitha's comfort in her own body and with her sexuality were a revolt against the sexist film industry that only saw women as objects.

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Anuradha Koirala: The Woman Who Rescued More Than 12,000 Girls From Sex Trafficking

Anuradha Koirala has rescued 12,000 girls in her journey of 20 years. It is believed that 12,000 is the same number of girls and women trafficked to India each year.

Here Is A Step By Step Guide To Manage Savarna Privilege

The current regime that gleams on the suffering of minorities has given us a new brand of thinkers and activists, and to understand this phenomenon we have to confront Savarna Feminism.
10 Women With Disabilities Whose Achievements We Should Be Celebrating

10 Women With Disabilities Whose Achievements In 2018 We Should Be Celebrating

While both psychological and physical disabilities are stigmatised by society, here are ten women with disability who kicked ass in 2018.