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Female Actors and Hindi Cinema: Whose Voice Is It, Anyway?

Hindi cinema is making fast strides towards progress by starting to give females more screen space and more nuanced characters. It should keep up with itself by giving them a more decisive voice as well, sometimes quite literally so.

Kabali Review: A Film In The Direction Of Non-Brahminical Ways Of Life

New themes, non-standard dialects, non-conventional faces and non-Brahminical ways of life will find more prominence in the movies and caste will be more pronounced in the storyline. Kabali, starring superstar Rajinikanth, is a film in the same direction.

On Indian Cinema, Stalking And Swathi’s Murder

The impact of movies on real-life violence against women has come into sharp focus once again, due to the views aired by Justice Kirubakaran in Madras High Court, along with the police statement that Infosys techie Swathi’s murder-accused Ramkumar seems to have been “carried away” by movies which “highlight stalking.”

These Beautiful and Powerful Illustrations of Queens OnScreen Are Badass

The film industry is definitely changing its ways of depicting female characters on screen, but in many eyes that change is slow and selective. So slow that we must celebrate the mere spotting of a "strong female lead”. And that is the idea behind Queens OnScreen. That the heroine is just as badass as the hero. That she doesn’t need to talk, dress or behave in a particular way to win hearts.

Yay for Patriarchy! Sultan- A Movie Review

Rape culture not only flourishes, but is also actively propagated in films like Sultan.
alia bhatt udta punjab

A Feminist Reading Of Udta Punjab

Choppy, murky, untethered and raw- that's precisely what the narrative of Udta Punjab boils down to.
udta punjab

Udta Punjab: The Problem Isn’t the Drugs, It’s the Patriarchy

Udta Punjab is many things, and it manages to mostly balance all of them. It's a PSA on drugs. It's an indictment of corruption and greed. It's the exploration of a hypermasculine, violent, misogynistic culture.
Queen hindi films

Female-centric Hindi Films And Women Who Watch Them

Discussions about Hindi films that place women at the center of their story are incomplete without speaking of how women in the audience receive them.
sairat movie review

Film Review: On Sairat and Custodians of Love

Sairat traces the links between the regressive social laws of the Indian society in the lives of men and women in love.
Ki & Ka And Lessons In (Non)Feminism

Ki & Ka And Lessons In (Non)Feminism

In short, Ki & Ka is definitely not worth your time.

What's Trending On FII?

Made in Heaven Unpacks The Politics Behind Marriages In India

Made in Heaven Unpacks The Politics Behind Marriages In India

While the centre of the series remains the rich and elite class of Delhi, the focus of Made in Heaven remains to be the issues which are often swept under the carpet and closeted.
The Burning Of Holika

Reading Caste In Holi: The Burning Of Holika, A Bahujan Woman

Every Holi, we burn Holika – a Bahujan woman. Our festivals are based on Vedic & Puranic stories which suppress stories of the lower castes.
A Not-So-Patriot Act The Undue Outrage Over Hasan Minhaj’s Show

A Not-So-Patriot Act: The Unwarranted Outrage Over Hasan Minhaj’s Show

Predictably, in this hostile environment, the newest episode of Hasan Minhaj’s Patriot Act was met with over-the-top and ridiculous outrage, complete with nastiness online, calls to boycott Netflix, and a harsh critique of Minhaj