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Can a girl rebel in India?

I am born. I hear cries of "it's a girl, it's a girl! Everyone is happy (I think...). I meet my mother. She looks...

Am I The Only One Who Finds Such ‘Jokes’ Offensive?

I often find 'Jokes' that are forwarded on Facebook, Whatsapp etc. offensive. Instead of making me laugh, like they are supposed to, they make...

Woman, thy name is Temptation! [Poem]

A sarcastic poem on patriarchy blaming woman for making a man losing his control.

A letter from the great Indian Men!

A person's personal account of what all she was expected to do and not do by the Indian men she met in the arranged marriage market.

A sinful brown, female NRI’s visit to India

A brown 18 year old NRI visits India after a long time where she is welcomed to street harassment and moral policing.

A Graphic Response To The ‘Women Against Feminism’ Movement

A graphic response to the Women Against Feminism movement and what feminism stands for.

सोये रहोगे कब तक [Poem]

कौन रोक पायेगा उस ज्वाला को जो शुरू हुई थी एक चिंगारी कि तरह पर चली है आज जलाने को यह दुनिया किये बिना किसी रीती रिवाज़ कि परवाह
mary kom

On the Mary Kom Biopic

This article goes on to explain the subtle and often hidden racist intents in mainstream Indian cinema which exoticises the Oriental.

Barbed Wire [Poem]

Woman, who are you to me?Has the barbed wire changed your face
Breasts [Poem]

Breasts [Poem]

Breasts - whose existence I got to know of, when an ill-fitting bra was thrust my way, When I spent months praying that they go away.

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feminist songs

10 Feminist Songs To Listen To When The Patriarchy Has Got You Down

Gather round, feminists! It's exhausting work raging against The Man, so how about you play these feminist songs for a musical pick-me-up?
Dear Straight People, Stop Teaching Me How To Be Queer

Dear Straight People, Stop Teaching Me How To Be Queer

There are several competent queer writers and it’s only logical that The Hindu invite and give a platform to them, instead of letting more straight people teach me how to be queer.
How Gillette Made Me Revisit The Toxic Masculinity In My Past

How Gillette Made Me Revisit The Toxic Masculinity In My Past

The content of the Gillette ad hit closer to home than I was comfortable with. My imagination drew parallels between the video and my own life, and I felt repressed old memories stirring in the darkness of my mind.