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In this section, find photo essays of various protests, marches, pride walks and events by Feminism in India.

Durga, Gender and Sexuality - A Photo Essay

Durga, Gender and Sexuality – A Photo Essay

In this photo essay, I carefully examine the idols and explore the mystery of their various expressions. The idols portray the hypocrisy of the patriarchal society which, at one hand claims to worship goddesses, while at the other, does not respect women, non-masculine men and the LGBTQ community.
indian women hockey

In Photos: Shahabad, Where Indian Women’s Hockey Stars Are Born

In photos: The story of one academy, the so-called ‘Nursery of Indian women’s hockey’, is nothing short of a fairy-tale.
In Photos: The Poetry of the Velivada

In Photos: The Poetry of the Velivada

Velivada is the symbolic stage of protests at HCU built by the five Ambedkar Students Association members including Rohith Vemula.

In Photos: Aath March Saath March – International Women’s Day 2016

This International Women’s Day 2016, we gathered to celebrate our collective commitment to create a world free of violence, discrimination, injustice and oppression. We...

In Photos: Hyderabad Queer Swabhimana Yatra 2016 – An Intersectional Statement

The Hyderabad Queer Swabhimana Yatra 2016 did not forget the political climate we are currently operating under. Apart from the calls for justice on...

In Photos: Indigenous Women Who Pass Down Land To Their Daughters

In northeastern India's mountainous state of Meghalaya, youngest daughters inherit the land—and the ancient food heritage of their mothers.

Kolkata Pride Festival 2015: Love And Solidarity

While December 2015 showed no sign of winter in Kolkata, the Kolkatans were proud enough to walk the Kolkata Pride Festival 2015 on Sunday,...

Delhi Queer Pride 2015: Fight Against ALL Oppressions!

Delhi Queer Pride 2015 sent out a loud and clear message against the rising intolerant of a political climate. 

Skin Deep: A Photo Essay on Acid Attack Survivor Ritu

This photo essay attempts to shatter the myth of beauty that is represented and manufactured by the mainstream media. An attempt to envision the quote “beauty isn’t skin deep.”

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Priyanka Chopra And The Problems With Gaslighting Women

Gaslighting: Priyanka Chopra And Her Not So Good Will

While the words and language used may vary, the goal of gaslighting is to undermine the target by portraying her as unreasonable, unreliable and inherently defective in mind as well as character/morality.
5 Ismat Chughtai Stories That Highlight Women’s Issues Pertinent Today

5 Ismat Chughtai Stories That Highlight Women’s Issues Pertinent Today

Stories by Ismat Chughtai continue to unsettle readers for portraying what is still considered to be tabooed and obscene to civil society.
In Conversation With Smriti Bhoker— Women's World Of Urdu Writing

In Conversation With Smriti Bhoker— Women’s World Of Urdu Writing

Smriti Bhoker is an Urdu poet who is currently pursuing a masters degree in sociology from Delhi. Urdu, as Smriti herself calls, is a "dying language".