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In this section find critical feminist analysis of pop culture in India and South Asia in the form of stories, images, videos, photos and reviews.

Featured Image - Camp: Notes On Fashion – The Queer, The Feminist, The Political

Camp: Notes On Fashion – The Queer, The Feminist, The Political

To be a deviant, a maverick, and unapologetically liberated, and to occupy disallowed spaces is Camp. Reclaiming words, spaces, traditions, expressions is Camp.
Are Video Games Really Just A Guy's Thing?

Is Video Gaming Really Just A ‘Guy’s Thing’?

Even though the video game industry has seen a revolution in the past few years in terms of its growth and revenue, women still form roughly 22- 25% of the workforce in the gaming industry, and only 5 percent (approximately) of these are employed in programming roles.
Disney Ups Its Game: The Six Most Progressive Disney Princesses

Disney Ups Its Game: The 6 Most Progressive Disney Princesses

These progressive Disney princesses have moved away from avatars of old-fashioned, submissive women and are independent, strong and diverse.

Kunal Kapoor’s ‘#SoldBodies’: Where Do Sex Workers’ Rights Figure In It?

Although Kunal Kapoor appears to empathise with sex workers in his slam poem, he reverts to damaging stereotypes that strip them of autonomy.

Scarlett Johansson Playing A Trans Man In Tex Gill’s Biopic Is So Wrong

Scarlett Johansson doesn't understand how her playing a transgender man in a biopic about his life is ethically and morally wrong.
The Advertising World Hates Women Who Are Comfortable In Their Skin

The Advertising World Hates Women Who Are Comfortable In Their Skin

The advertising world feeds and profits on insecurity, especially that of women, the collateral damage it entails not being accounted for. Not only does it capitalizes on these insecurities, but adds to them by setting unrealistic beauty ideals to which we must conform or at least die trying.
Dirty John Reveals How Society Help Abusers Co-Opt The Victim Narrative

Dirty John Reveals How Society Helps Abusers Co-Opt The Victim Narrative

In Dirty John, he checks all the boxes of an abuser. In his version of the story, however, he is always the victim.

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My Experiences Of Sexual Assault: Toxic 'Dada-Culture' Of Presidency University

My Sexual Assault Trials & Toxic ‘Dada-Culture’ Of Presidency University

My account isn’t that of an individual’s. It is a reflection of the toxic politics that goes on in the most literate political circles of Kolkata, like that of Presidency University.
Netflix's Sex Education Talks About Sexuality Seamlessly

Netflix’s Sex Education Season 2 Talks About Sexuality Seamlessly

The Netflix comedy-drama series Sex Education which premiered on January 2019 had already garnered significant attention and millions of viewers owing to its fresh take on teenage sexual (mis)adventures and its sensitive storytelling.
To Kill a Mockingbird

Gender Roles And Stereotyping In ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’

To Kill a Mockingbird covers several themes that are often uncomfortable to encounter and explore, such as racism and loss of innocence.