Feminist News Wrap – Suzette Jordan, Uber and Women’s Hockey

Well known women's right activist Suzette Jordan passed away due to multiple organ failure. She paved the way for removing the stigma associated with...

Feminist News Wrap: Budget Cuts, Beedi Workers And Sportswomen

While, the week has been full of news reports, opinions and protests revolving around the banned documentary on the Nirbhaya Rape Case, India's Daughter, we...

Feminist News Wrap: Women Voters, Menstrual Taboos and ‘Soft Power’

In the beginning of the month, this article on the differential treatment of women's role in the army came up. Apparently, "several lady officers...

Kiss of Love: Kiss-ko Pyaar Karoon?

Recently, Free Thinkers, a group of Facebook users, organised the ‘Kiss of Love’ movement. The kiss of love was floated in social media by...

More Tabloid Misogyny from TOI

How low could one of the worst popular tabloid newspapers in India go? Well apparently a lot lower than we had imagined. I don’t...

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Made in Heaven Unpacks The Politics Behind Marriages In India

Made in Heaven Unpacks The Politics Behind Marriages In India

While the centre of the series remains the rich and elite class of Delhi, the focus of Made in Heaven remains to be the issues which are often swept under the carpet and closeted.
The Burning Of Holika

Reading Caste In Holi: The Burning Of Holika, A Bahujan Woman

Every Holi, we burn Holika – a Bahujan woman. Our festivals are based on Vedic & Puranic stories which suppress stories of the lower castes.
A Not-So-Patriot Act The Undue Outrage Over Hasan Minhaj’s Show

A Not-So-Patriot Act: The Unwarranted Outrage Over Hasan Minhaj’s Show

Predictably, in this hostile environment, the newest episode of Hasan Minhaj’s Patriot Act was met with over-the-top and ridiculous outrage, complete with nastiness online, calls to boycott Netflix, and a harsh critique of Minhaj