Re-reading Pandita Ramabai’s The High Caste Hindu Woman

Pandita Ramabai’s The High Caste Hindu Woman, written in 1887, highlights the archetypal subdued lifespan of a dominant caste Hindu woman.

Feminism And Make-up: Do They Go Hand-In-Hand?

To do make-up or not to do make-up? Is it patriarchy or choice?

On Maa-Behen Feminism

What Brock Turner’s 3-Months Sentence Tells Us About White Male Entitlement

What is white male entitlement? If Brock Turner was black, he wouldn't be let off in 3-months because of 'good behaviour' for raping an unconscious and intoxicated woman.

करवा चौथ का ‘कड़वा-हिस्सा’ है ये अनछुए पहलू

आज के दौर में करवा चौथ के त्यौहार को आधुनिक ढकोसलों से इस कदर घेरा गया है कि अब यह त्यौहार से ज्यादा फैशन के तौर पर जाना जाने लगा है|

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Hrithik Roshan

Open Letter In Response To The ‘Feminist’ Tweet By Hrithik Roshan

It is hard to give any weight to the words of Hrithik Roshan when he is a part of an industry that churns out content which oozes misogyny.

Lakshmi – A Must Watch Short Film On Conjugality And Sexuality

Directed by Sarjun KM, Lakshmi is a radical departure from a monochromatic portrayal of a middle-class woman trapped in a loveless marriage.
queer sikh

A Queer Sikh Trans Man’s Story Of Transition And Community Formation

I am a Queer Sikh Trans man born in America, and I do not know the number of people like me in this world.

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