Of Male Bodies Beyond ‘Male Privilege’

It is necessary to understand how gender and its performances (and the perils of it) are differently contextualized in different male bodies.

Hey, Feminazi! On Deconstructing The Ignorance Behind The Term

How does a term signifying the systematic genocide of millions of innocent individuals get conflated with a term that in all its spirit aims and practices to demolish patriarchy and other social hierarchies? Labelling a feminist as a feminazi only reveals the proponent's orthodoxy and misogyny.

The Legendary Phoolan Devi

Phoolan Devi’s story is extraordinary - she withstood horrendously oppressive circumstances, was the victim of systemic structural injustice and she not only survived to tell the tale, but she came out on top.

Oh No Dove, You Did Not Just Say That

Brands try to position their products as inclusive and diverse, but a recent racist ad by Dove shows how superficial this commitment often is.

‘बाहर रहकर लड़कियां पढ़ाई नहीं अय्यासी करती है’

ये कुछ ऐसी बातें हैं जो अक्सर समाज व नाते-रिश्तेदार, उन माता-पिता से करते पाए जाते हैं जो अपने बेटे-बेटी में बिना फर्क किए, बेटियों को आगे बढ़ने और पढ़ाई करने के लिए अपने घर से दूर भेजते हैं।

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Padmavati: Attempts to Control A (Fake) Historical Woman

Padmavati must carry the insecurities of patriarchal and casteist fringe outfits and call it her 'honour'.

Rukhmabai: From Child Bride To India’s First Practising Female Doctor

Rukhmabai was the first practicing female doctor in colonial India. She is also renowned for contributing to the Age of Consent Act, 1891.
Aishwarya Rai

Why Doesn’t Aishwarya Rai Get Enough Credit For Being A Domestic Violence Survivor?

We fail to give Aishwarya Rai her rightful credit as one of the first women from Bollywood to identify and oppose violence.

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