“She Was Very Outgoing” – And Other Tactics To Silence Sexual...

Could the collective silence of victims be attributed to a culture of sexism influencing organisational life and therefore impacting formal and informal responses to sexual harassment complaints?

The Language Of Association: Maa-Behen

Why is it so when one has to evoke a sense of 'don't rape' culture in men, we have to associate it first with their maa behen?

Saadat Hasan Manto And His ‘Scandalous’ Women

Manto's writings portray women as strong characters who have their own agency and hence fight patriarchal structures.

The #NotAllMen Video By AskMen India Is What Male Entitlement Looks...

The #NotAllMen video by AskMen India coddles men and make them seem like they are not mature enough to understand the complexity of the situation.

अबॉर्शन से जुड़ी ये 8 बातें जो पूरी तरह गलत है

अबॉर्शन से जुड़े कई सारे गलत मिथ्य समाज में प्रचलित है जिनके आधार पर अबॉर्शन को लेकर लोगों के मन में कई सारी गलत धारणाएं बन जाती है|

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पैड खरीदने में माँ को आज भी शर्म आती है

पैड खरीदने में माँ को आज भी शर्म आती है

मासिकधर्म और सैनिटरी पैड पर हमारे घरों में चर्चा करने की बेहद ज़रूरत है और जिसकी शुरुआत हम महिलाओं को ही करनी होगी।

Bollywood Films Through A Postcolonial Feminist Lens

Gender inequality that exists in Bollywood films impact the viewers, promoting inequality and discrimination within society.

Lakshmi – A Must Watch Short Film On Conjugality And Sexuality

Directed by Sarjun KM, Lakshmi is a radical departure from a monochromatic portrayal of a middle-class woman trapped in a loveless marriage.

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