Thursday, July 18, 2019

Women Eating Out Loud: Performing The Gendered Art Of Consumption

There was no more a blithe disregard for the etiquette of eating, allowing myself to moan in satisfaction. All that was left was hate for my body.

Why We Need To Stop Referring To Women As ‘Girls’

Referring to adult women as girls infantilizes them, it promotes the idea that they are childish, and thus bad at making sound decisions.

Toru Dutt: A Bengali Poet Known For Her Poetry In English...

Toru Dutt is often considered the first Indian poetess to write verses in French and in English. Yet, she did not live very long to see any of it.

On Airtel Boss Ad: (And We Could Have It All) Our...

Examples from the latest Airtel Boss ad and India Nooyi's statement, a deep analysis of why only women should have it all?

‘पदमावत’ फिल्म के निर्देशक संजय लीला भंसाली के नाम खुलाखत

विवादों में घिरी पदमावत फिल्म जाने-अनजाने ही सही कई संवेदनशील मुद्दों को कट्टरपंथ से जोड़ने का संदेश देती है, जिसके लिए निर्देशक संजय लीला भंसाली के नाम है ये खुलाखत|

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Anuradha Koirala: The Woman Who Rescued More Than 12,000 Girls From Sex Trafficking

Anuradha Koirala has rescued 12,000 girls in her journey of 20 years. It is believed that 12,000 is the same number of girls and women trafficked to India each year.

Here Is A Step By Step Guide To Manage Savarna Privilege

The current regime that gleams on the suffering of minorities has given us a new brand of thinkers and activists, and to understand this phenomenon we have to confront Savarna Feminism.
10 Women With Disabilities Whose Achievements We Should Be Celebrating

10 Women With Disabilities Whose Achievements In 2018 We Should Be Celebrating

While both psychological and physical disabilities are stigmatised by society, here are ten women with disability who kicked ass in 2018.

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