4 Things That Do NOT Make You A Bad Feminist

Sometimes, even the feminist community engages in policing its members, calling them a 'bad feminist' for not adhering to certain norms.

Shantabai Dhanaji Dani: The Dalit Woman Leader Who Fought Against Caste

Shantabai Dhanaji Dani was one of the best known leaders of the Ambedkarite movement. She fought against caste discrimination all her life.

End Farcial Medical Examination For Rape Survivors NOW!

This heinous practice of medical examination is a barbaric practice that has no place in a case of rape or sexual assault, whatsoever.

करवा चौथ का ‘कड़वा-हिस्सा’ है ये अनछुए पहलू

आज के दौर में करवा चौथ के त्यौहार को आधुनिक ढकोसलों से इस कदर घेरा गया है कि अब यह त्यौहार से ज्यादा फैशन के तौर पर जाना जाने लगा है|

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