How South Asian Women With Vitiligo Have It Harder

So, in a community so fixated on fairness, where do women with vitiligo stand? Well the answer is, they don’t.

Why Is Women’s Laughter Always Loud, Immoral, and Unsanskari?

The tag of immorality attached to women's laughter reflects in popular culture, mythic tales and also in the general political discourse.

The Partition Of Bengal: Challenges Faced By Women And Migrants

The partition of Bengal witnessed a prolonged and torturous migration of mostly Hindus from East Bengal and large-scale violence against women.

A Handy Guide On How To Report On LGBTQIA+ Issues

Why it’s not okay to use rainbow/pride photographs for every news piece on LGBTQIA+ issues are some of the thing one should keep in mind while reporting on queer rights.

खास बात: ऑल इंडिया दलित महिला अधिकार मंच (एआईडीएमएएम) की शोभना स्मृति...

हम बात कर रहे हैं एआईडीएमएएम की शोभना स्मृति से मौजूदा समय में दलित महिलाओं की समस्याओं, चुनौतियों और संघर्षों के बारे में|

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5 Feminist Economists Who Change The Way We See The World

5 Feminist Economists Who Change The Way We See The World

Here are 5 feminist economists who contribute in making economics acknowledge and address the differential impact of gender on individual lives and the on the society at large.

What Exactly Is Happening With Ishqbaaaz And Why Is Star India Still Silent About...

The makers of Ishqbaaaz have chosen a direction that does disservice to the female protagonist, the show, and everything the channel supposedly stands for.
6 Things Single Women Still Can't Do And It's 2018 | Feminism In India

6 Things Single Women Still Can’t Do And It’s 2018

The everyday discrimination faced by single women stands testimony to the notion that women ‘belong’ to, first their fathers and then their husbands. In the year of 2018, with all of us talking so vehemently against the oppression of basically everyone, the 71 million population of single women should not be ignored anymore.

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