The Hindu Lit For Life 2019: A Dearth Of Inclusivity And...

The Hindu Lit for Life gave platforms to people belonging to a privileged class to direct the narratives of oppressed people multiple times.

How I Learnt To Unlearn My Internalised Misogyny

I began letting go of my internalised misogyny when I realised that we only resort to hating other girls to try and empower ourselves, because that’s what we’ve been taught all along.

Bhanwari Devi: A Hero We Failed | #IndianWomenInHistory

25 years have passed, and her rapists continue to walk free. 25 years and Bhanwari Devi still awaits justice.

Hypocrisy Of The Mainstream Media: Lessons From The Dalit Asmita Yatra

The assertion of Dalit groups by ways of creating new media spaces challenges how mainstream media talks about caste and makes them reflect on their social location and power positions

दिल्ली का एकतरफा 2021 ‘मास्टर प्लान’

मास्टर प्लान बड़ा सटीक चुनाव है| बस जरुरत है अनियोजियत या फिर समयाभाव से जूझते हुए ही सही ज़मीन पर काम करने वाले सभी साथिओ को आगे आकर, एकजुट होकर आधी आबादी और हर वर्ग की हिस्सेदारी इस योजना में शामिल करने की|

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How Authoritative Parents Help The Patriarchy

How Abusive Parents Help The Patriarchy

Abusive parents ensure that the submissive role of a child continues even after they have grown into adults, especially of their daughters, who are already made vulnerable by the patriarchy.
The Horror Of Sex Verification In Sports

The Horror Of Sex Verification In Sports

The introduction of sex verification procedures relies on the ideology that women athletes with strength, confidence, and power to achieve as much as well as defeat men in sports cannot actually 'be women'.
To Kill a Mockingbird

Gender Roles And Stereotyping In ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’

To Kill a Mockingbird covers several themes that are often uncomfortable to encounter and explore, such as racism and loss of innocence.

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