An Open Letter To The Anti-feminists In My Life (And Yours)

Hello you. Yes, you. Don’t try to slink away. You know who you are. You are the pretty young college girl, who declares feminism isn’t for me when a professor asks. You are the macho man, who laughs when he meets feminist women.

Six Women’s Movements From The North East That You Should Know...

Here are six powerful women's movements from the North East of India that your mainstream feminism didn't tell you about.

Can The Media Stop Centering Queer Women’s Stories Only Around Tragedy?

What lies behind this coverage of two hapless queer women, remembered only in their death and agony, is the history of how the news media has looked at queer women mainly through a lens of tragedy.

#IWillGoOut: स्वतंत्र इंसान की तरह एकदम बेबाक

सरहदों से परे विश्व्यापी स्तर पर #IWillGoOut आन्दोलन में करोड़ों महिलाओं ने बढ़चढ़कर हिस्सा लिया| इस आन्दोलन से उत्तर प्रदेश भी अछूता नहीं रहा और महिलाओं ने बीते शनिवार (21 जनवरी 2017) को शाम पांच बजे से लखनऊ के गोमतीनगर में एकजुट होकर अपने विरुद्ध होने वाली हिंसा के खिलाफ़ अपना विरोध प्रकट किया|

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From Shankar And Kausalya To Pranay And Amrutha: Why Do Honour Killings Continue To Haunt Our Nation?

From Shankar To Pranay: Why Do Honour Killings Continue To Haunt Our Nation?

In spite of the alarming instances of blatant honour killings, Indians still claim to not comprehend the evil that is the caste system.
Presidency University's Pride March Hijacked By Straight 'Allies'

Pride March At Presidency University Hijacked By Straight ‘Allies’

The people who walked the walk, and more so, ‘led’ the ‘Pride’ at Presidency University, were cis-heterosexual able-bodied Savarna faculty.
8 Things To Do In Order To Raise Feminist Children

8 Things To Do In Order To Raise Feminist Children

How do you raise feminist children in times when the ills of patriarchy are at its peak? Here is an informed experience sharing piece.

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