12 Times Women In India Stood Up To The Patriarchy In...

As we celebrate the end of the momentous year that was 2017, here are some of the moments when women especially pushed back for equality that deserve a special mention and warrant special celebration because they made the year what it was - great for women.

Kalpana Chawla: The First Indian Woman In Space | #IndianWomenInHistory

Kalpana Chawla’s life trajectory knows no parallel, which makes her this century’s biggest trailblazer for Indian women in science.

A Handy Guide On How To Report On LGBTQIA+ Issues

Why it’s not okay to use rainbow/pride photographs for every news piece on LGBTQIA+ issues are some of the thing one should keep in mind while reporting on queer rights.

खुद के दम पर आगे बढ़ती ‘अकेली औरत’

औरत की आज़ादी को, उसके बाहर आने को मर्दों ने अपनी तरह से भुनाया है| औरत ने बावजूद सारे उत्पीड़न, यौन शोषण और बाज़ार में अपने उपयोग के, अपने लिए पैर जमाने लायक जमीन तलाश ली है|

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Presidency University's Pride March Hijacked By Straight 'Allies'

Pride March At Presidency University Hijacked By Straight ‘Allies’

The people who walked the walk, and more so, ‘led’ the ‘Pride’ at Presidency University, were cis-heterosexual able-bodied Savarna faculty.
Reservation In Home States: Why The SC Judgement Is Against The Spirit Of The Constitution

Reservation In Home States: Why The SC Judgement Is Against The Spirit Of The...

The SC judgement delivers another blow to the rights of marginalised groups in the country who might have benefited from reservation.
Review of 'The liberation of Sita': A Feminist Engagement With Ramayana

Review Of ‘The Liberation Of Sita’: A Feminist Engagement With Ramayana

Volga's 'The Liberation Of Sita' makes Ramayana relevant in a modern context where women have begun to question established notions of femininity.

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