पीरियड से जुड़ी एक खौफनाक प्रथा ‘छौपदी’

नेपाल में पीरियड के दौरान लड़की को घर के बाहर झोपड़ी में या पशुओं के बाड़े में रहने पर मजबूर होना पड़ता है, इस प्रथा को छौपदी कहा जाता है|

On Defending Feminism

When I accepted that I was getting tired of defending my feminism to people, I realized how healing it can be, how much comfort there is in this ideology.

Ramabai Ranade: The Unparalleled Force | #IndianWomenInHistory

One of the most fiercest women leaders of the 20th century, Ramabai Ranade reformed the societal outlook towards women enabling them to fight for their own causes.

औरत का अस्तित्व और पराये धन की बात

संपत्ति के नामपर लड़की के साथ होने वाले भेदभाव का सिर्फ एक आधार होता है कि वो लड़की है| फिर चाहे उसे बेटी समझा जाए या बहु|

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Padmavati: Attempts to Control A (Fake) Historical Woman

Padmavati must carry the insecurities of patriarchal and casteist fringe outfits and call it her 'honour'.
Aishwarya Rai

Why Doesn’t Aishwarya Rai Get Enough Credit For Being A Domestic Violence Survivor?

We fail to give Aishwarya Rai her rightful credit as one of the first women from Bollywood to identify and oppose violence.

Actresses Aren’t Unintelligent By Virtue Of Being Women Or Their Work

Actresses are often assumed to be unintelligent or incapable of having strong, sensible opinions about important issues.

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