11 Seemingly Benign Words Re-explained In The Context Of Women

The most ordinary words, like 'night' and 'compromise' acquire a whole new meaning for women! 11 words re-explained for your understanding.

Sant Soyarabai: The Untouchable Saint-Poet Who Sang Against Brahminical Patriarchy |...

Sant Soyarabai was an untouchable poet-saint of the Varkari tradition, which allowed a transcendence of caste and gender hierarchies.

#ShameRentoMojo For This Advertisement

Did you watch RentoMojo's latest ad? Did it make you uncomfortable? If it did, here's why it might have. If it didn't, here's why it should have. Because when you're hating on domestic labour, you're being...

पितृसत्ता की मार झेलता भारतीय कानून

सहमति को लेकर जो परिभाषा भी कानून में लिखी गयी अपने आप में बड़ी दूर की कौड़ी थी| लेकिन अब इससे बड़ा दुर्भाग्य क्या हो सकता है कि आज 2013 के कानून में शान से आयी ये सहमति खुद सहमी पड़ी है|

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पैड खरीदने में माँ को आज भी शर्म आती है

पैड खरीदने में माँ को आज भी शर्म आती है

मासिकधर्म और सैनिटरी पैड पर हमारे घरों में चर्चा करने की बेहद ज़रूरत है और जिसकी शुरुआत हम महिलाओं को ही करनी होगी।
Aijaz Sheikh

“Faith Healer” Aijaz Sheikh Has Sexually Abused Thousands Of Children

While pretending to be a faith healer, Aijaz Sheikh has subjected thousands of children in North Kashmir to sexual abuse.
Swathi Vadlamudi

The FIR Against Cartoonist Swathi Vadlamudi Should Make Us All Angry

Swathi Vadlamudi is a senior journalist based in Hyderabad who has an FIR lodged against her for posting a satirical image of Ram and Sita highlighting the era of rampant sexual violence that we live in.

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