Saturday, January 25, 2020

VIVA! India’s First Pop Stars And The Forgotten Feminist Voices

Seema Ramchandani, Pratichee Mohapatra, Neha Bhasin, and Anushka Manchanda formed VIVA after winning the contest launched by Channel V.

Why Indian Daily Soaps Are Still Stuck With “Saas-Bahu” And “Beti”?

Indian daily soaps have had a history of selling themselves on the objectification of women. More recently, major chunk of Indian TV industry majorly revolves around "Saas-Bahu" plot-points.

Film Review: Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior Sings Hindu Propaganda

The film’s preoccupation with hyper machismo leaves its female characters with very little screen time. Kajol who essays the role of Tanhaji’s wife, Savitribai, has not more than five or six scenes to her credit.

Tanhaji: A Clash Of Hindu Vs. Muslim Masculinities

Tanhaji portrays two completely different definitions of masculinity, with one being violent and monstrous (Muslim) masculinity and the other being moral and principled (Hindu) one.


What Do We Know Today About The Keezhvenmani Massacre?

The Keezhvenmani massacre has been part of left and Dalit discourses but remain forgotten in many mainstream platforms.

C B Muthamma: India’s First Woman IFS Officer | #IndianWomenInHistory

C B Muthamma believes social justice is an integral part of our constitution where gender justice will remain a non-negotiable article of faith.

Mithan Tata: The Barrister Who Advocated Women’s Voting Rights | #IndianWomenInHistory

Mithan Tata was the first woman barrister to practice in a court. She was also a sheriff of Mumbai and served as a president of All India Women’s Conference.




10 Women Journalists Who Made Their Voices Heard In 2019

Here’s a list of 10 women journalists who have carved a major space in the journalism world in 2019 and made their voices heard.

VIVA! India’s First Pop Stars And The Forgotten Feminist Voices

Seema Ramchandani, Pratichee Mohapatra, Neha Bhasin, and Anushka Manchanda formed VIVA after winning the contest launched by Channel V.

‘Crime Patrol’ & ‘Savdhaan India’ Make A Mockery Of Sexual Violence | #GBVinMedia

Shows like Crime Patrol, Savdhaan India, Gunah and Sansani have made a fortune out of turning trauma into entertainment, and making a mockery of these cases under the guise of 'awareness' or 'gender sensitisation'.

Feminism 101

Can You Really Be A Heterosexual Feminist In This Patriarchal World?

Can a woman really, given what she knows, enter a relationship of trust, adulation and love with a man? Can she really be a heterosexual feminist?

5 Of Our Favorite Feminist Instagram Posts In 2019

Instagram has become one of today's favourite social media platform. While a lot of people do use it for leisure, there are others who use the social media space for activism too.

It’s High Time To Call Out Sadhguru And His “Rationalized” Misogyny

Sadhguru uses all kinds of stereotypes to prove that the world requires a balance of roles and activities between men and women.

Media Watch

The Media Needs To Use Better Images When It Reports Rape | #GBVinMedia

With so many options available, it is about time that the media step out of the sensationalist and medieval images that it uses in its rape reportage.

Prime Time Religion: Indian Media And Debates In 2019

To say the least, Indian media has failed on the very soul of it. To be ‘the voice of public and not only present truth to public but also speak truth to power’ is what the heart and soul of such journalism.

Interview With Bindumadhav Khire On Media’s Coverage Of LGBTQ+ Issues | #GBVInMedia

Pune-based queer activist Bindumadhav Khire talks about the media reportage of sexual violence in the LGBTQ+ community.

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These Are The 15 Women Who Helped Draft The Indian Constitution

On this Republic Day, let us take a look at the fifteen powerful women who helped draft the Indian Constitution.

Why We Need To Rethink Our ‘Criticism’ Of BTS And K-Pop

Their rising fame of BTS has brought with it an alarming amount of scepticism. Some of it stemming from Western audiences unable to understand how music in another language could capture the hearts and minds of people all over the world.

Gender Roles And Stereotyping In ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’

To Kill a Mockingbird covers several themes that are often uncomfortable to encounter and explore, such as racism and loss of innocence.