Thursday, July 18, 2019

Open Letter In Response To The ‘Feminist’ Tweet By Hrithik Roshan

It is hard to give any weight to the words of Hrithik Roshan when he is a part of an industry that churns out content which oozes misogyny.

A Brief Summary Of The Third Wave Of Feminism

The Third Wave of feminism began in a generation that had grown up with feminism and as such took the hard-earned accomplishments of the First and Second wave for granted.

“Dear Bollywood Actors…” – A Rebuttal To Outlook’s Article

The author cites the culture of silence that perpetuates harassment but does not address his open letter to Bollywood actors.

LGBT की भाषा अगर पल्ले नहीं पड़ती तो आपके लिए है...

आयुषी ने इस वीडियो के ज़रिये बेहद सरल हिंदी भाषा में जेंडर और यौनिकता की परतों को उजागर करते हुए इसपर दर्शकों की समझ बनाने का सार्थक प्रयास किया है|

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Anuradha Koirala: The Woman Who Rescued More Than 12,000 Girls From Sex Trafficking

Anuradha Koirala has rescued 12,000 girls in her journey of 20 years. It is believed that 12,000 is the same number of girls and women trafficked to India each year.

Here Is A Step By Step Guide To Manage Savarna Privilege

The current regime that gleams on the suffering of minorities has given us a new brand of thinkers and activists, and to understand this phenomenon we have to confront Savarna Feminism.
10 Women With Disabilities Whose Achievements We Should Be Celebrating

10 Women With Disabilities Whose Achievements In 2018 We Should Be Celebrating

While both psychological and physical disabilities are stigmatised by society, here are ten women with disability who kicked ass in 2018.

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