Custom Cuts: An Art Mini-Series About The Many Feminisms We Inhabit

Pia Alize Hararika and Malathi Jogi created Custom Cuts when they got tired of one too many pieces of unsolicited advice about "doing feminism right".

SEWA: Making Women Self Sufficient Since The ’70s

Empowering women through leadership skills, entrepreneurship & skill training on various levels, SEWA has transformed women's lives over time

The Tejpal Tapes Debate By Times Now Is A Disgrace To...

In their quest to keep up with the sensationalism trend that media houses worldwide are following, Times Now, on May 28th, played CCTV tapes that are crucial evidence in an ongoing trial in a case of sexual assault.

स्त्री-विमर्श के सेमिनारों में पितृसत्ता का वार

स्त्री-विमर्श पर केंद्रित सेमिनारों में पितृसत्ता के वार को स्पष्ट तौर पर देखा जा सकता है| फिर बात चाहे स्त्रीवाद पर बोलने की हो या लेखिकाओं को उनकी सुंदरता का बखान कर मंच पर आमंत्रित करने की हो|

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