The Trauma Of Growing Up As A Trans Man In A...

As a trans man, I had felt a constant discomfort with my body during my entire childhood as I faced discrimination at both my home and school.

Understanding Consent Beyond A ‘Yes’ Or A ‘No’

Should our understanding of consent just stop at a 'yes' or a 'no'?

अब बेशकीमती है ‘तुम्हारी अमृता शेरगिल’

अमृता शेरगिल अपनी वास्तविक जिंदगी में और अपने आर्ट में भी समकालीन कलाकरों से बहुत आगे थीं। वह परफेक्शनिस्ट नहीं थी, शायद इसीलिए उनकी सोच का दायरा असीमित था।

The Underlying Sexism In The Media Reportage Of The Malayalam Actor’s...

The unethical coverage of the Malayalam actor's rape has violated the law and exposed the misogyny in reporting sexual violence against women.

कविता: खेल सी ज़िन्दगी

न जाने मैं कब इतनी बड़ी हो गयी, खेल-कूद, दौड़-भाग को भूल, जीवन के पतंग की लरी हो गयी

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Ten Things Men Can Do to Dismantle Patriarchy In The Time Of #MeToo

10 Things Men Can Do To Dismantle Patriarchy In The Time Of #MeToo

It's time for men to recognise that patriarchy exists and examine their own position in this system that has subjugated womenkind long enough.
Check Out This Crowdsourced List Of Pro Bono Professional #MeTooIndia Support

A Statement By Feminist Groups & Individuals On The Going #MeToo Wave In India

As feminist groups and individuals, we stand in support of the numerous women who have spoken out with courage during the #MeToo wave in India.
Kerala's Casteist Breast Tax And The Story Of Nangeli

Kerala’s Casteist Breast Tax And The Story Of Nangeli

Imagine paying a tax to cover your breasts? Kerala women once did.

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