The Problem With ‘Self-Defense’: Because Prevention Is Not Always Better Than...

We often forget while talking about self-defense, that there are so many out there who cannot defend themselves.

Silverine Swer And Her Dedication To A Hate, Fear And Greed-Free...

Silverine Swer was a social reformer who dedicated her life to improving welfare for women and girls in the North East.

The Holi Grail – It’s Time To Stop Playing Holi Songs...

Holi songs reflect a disturbing rape culture where men are portrayed as deriving pleasure from harassment and women from being harassed.

ख़ास बात : खतने की कुप्रथा के खिलाफ आवाज़ उठाने वाली...

सालेहा पाटवाला एक नारीवादी है और भारत में महिलाओं के साथ होने वाली ‘खतना’ की कुप्रथा के खिलाफ सक्रिय तरीके से काम कर रही हैं|

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Presidency University's Pride March Hijacked By Straight 'Allies'

Pride March At Presidency University Hijacked By Straight ‘Allies’

The people who walked the walk, and more so, ‘led’ the ‘Pride’ at Presidency University, were cis-heterosexual able-bodied Savarna faculty.
Reservation In Home States: Why The SC Judgement Is Against The Spirit Of The Constitution

Reservation In Home States: Why The SC Judgement Is Against The Spirit Of The...

The SC judgement delivers another blow to the rights of marginalised groups in the country who might have benefited from reservation.
Review of 'The liberation of Sita': A Feminist Engagement With Ramayana

Review Of ‘The Liberation Of Sita’: A Feminist Engagement With Ramayana

Volga's 'The Liberation Of Sita' makes Ramayana relevant in a modern context where women have begun to question established notions of femininity.

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