The Difficult Art Of Being A Feminist In An Economics Classroom

Feminist economics is about the pursuit of a “people-centered” development where the market is subordinate to the goals of true democracy.

What Led To The Decline Of The Matrilineal Society In Kerala?

Apologise for breaking your feminist bubble, but a true matriarchal society never existed in Kerala. Here, we take a look at a system that came closest to giving women decision making power, autonomy over their sexuality and their bodies and a control in the matters of their marriage and children.

Why Is Media Coverage Of Violence Against Disabled Women Still Scant?

Responsible, ethical reporting of violence against women with disabilities, demand greater understanding of the broader context, empathy and willingness to report without creating ripples of sensations. 

हैप्पी डेज में बदल डालो पीरियड्स के उन पांच दिनों को

आज भी शिक्षित लड़कियां सेनेटरी नैपकिन पिता या भाई से मंगवाने से हिचकती हैं। पीरियड्स के बारे में बताना तो बहुत दूर की बात है।

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It Took Me A While To Realise That I Was A Rape Survivor

To people out there who ask survivors to get over it: bodily memories are for real. Let us please respect the journey of a rape survivor towards healing.
पैड खरीदने में माँ को आज भी शर्म आती है

पैड खरीदने में माँ को आज भी शर्म आती है

मासिकधर्म और सैनिटरी पैड पर हमारे घरों में चर्चा करने की बेहद ज़रूरत है और जिसकी शुरुआत हम महिलाओं को ही करनी होगी।
Why We Celebrate Kashmiri Women's Resistance Day: A Statement

Why We Celebrate Kashmiri Women’s Resistance Day: A Statement

On this Kashmiri Women’s Resistance Day, we urge for broader conversation on questions of women’s bodies, impunity and erasure as processes, and militarism as an ideology, in which we are all implicated.

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